Analytics & Reporting

Quick Facts

  • Delivers real-time insight into your data via custom dashboards.
  • Provides weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual analytics reviews with insights and recommendations spanning all departments.
  • Utilizes single-report viewing for email, website, SEO, lead generation and more.

Why is your campaign reaching its goals? Why isn’t it? That’s where our analytics and reporting comes in. We work alongside of you­ whether it’s a simple email or a complex, year­long inbound content strategy to provide detailed reports that quickly capture key takeaways and show areas for optimization.

Our Google Analytics IQ-certified analysts keep a close eye on industry trends and pull from leading data sources such as eMarketer, MRI and others. We compare how your campaigns stack up to industry averages as well as your own historical data weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually.

Translating this data into actionable recommendations allows you to focus on improving your business and achieving tangible results. Our real-time dashboard provides immediate insights into your entire ecosystem ­ including emails, website traffic, paid search, banner ads and leads generated. You’ll never be uncertain how your metrics are measuring up.

Ready to make data-driven decisions? Reach out to learn how we move the needle.

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