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Learning Quest, a state sponsored 529 savings program, was struggling to stand out and generate account openings. The brand was stuck in the sea of marketing sameness prevalent in the financial space. They needed to rethink everything – starting with the foundational brand work. Our verbal and visual identity set the tone for how to move the brand forward.  

Creating content that connects

Empowered with our more audience-centric brand positioning, we knew there was a lot of education that needed to occur around 529s. That’s where our content strategy came into play.  

It was time to plan for it

With the brand and content strategy in place, it was time to take our message to market. We created a digital-first campaign that spoke the most important language – our audiences. We paired the things that parents can’t plan for with the things they can – like their future education. Within the first three months of the campaign, it had an 8.6% over forecast increase in purchase transactions.  

Photo of mother and child on computer with doodles around photo
you didn't plan for your wall being her next canvas
you didn't plan for her having that strong of a throw
you didn't plan on her lying to you this young
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