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Building a brand as big and as savvy as its savings

More than $5 million worth of brand name merchandise shipped to stores every week. 88 stores in 10 states. 30-70% off retail prices. Bargain Hunt’s numbers speak for themselves. But, with little external marketing and even less of an ownable identity, the brand struggled to attract a growing share of today’s extreme saving consumer. MBB’s challenge was simple – show consumers that Bargain Hunt was far from your average discount store.


28% INCREASE In loyalty member basket size
5-YEAR HIGHS In grand opening sales
13.7% YOY INCREASE in YTD transactions
2023 Brand Video

A brand known for amazing brand names.

To drive more store traffic and do it in a hurry, strengthening brand awareness was key. We took Bargain Hunt from no paid advertising efforts to an always-on strategy. Utilizing bold visual and verbal identities along with our signature shopper, Anita, we positioned the brand in a way that demonstrated to consumers that no matter what their thing was, Bargain Hunt had it for a fraction of the price.

Crazy savings for every season.

To ensure marketing presence consistency, we simultaneously leveraged brand and seasonal campaign messaging. From Spring Gardening to Fall Harvest campaigns, Bargain Hunt delivers amazing brands and crazy savings all year. MBB promoted these seasonal events with banners, paid social, and video in order to drive website and store traffic. Over the course of two years, we concepted and executed over 24 seasonal campaigns for Bargain Hunt.

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Data-driven optimizations and record setting results.

We took our creative and marketing savvy to the next level with a data-driven approach that connected marketing analytics to the business results that matter most. Year over year, Bargain Hunt saw foot traffic, transactions, and sales grow significantly. In Q1 2023, the brand set record numbers for weekly foot traffic, transactions, and sales. And with the power of our data-driven optimizations, not only did we help deliver record financial performance, we also cleared some crazy high ROAS targets too.

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