Dairy Farmers of America

Moving from Silos to Systems

Project Overview

Dairy Farmers of America (DFA), a dairy cooperative supporting dairy farmers from coast to coast, supplies services and data to their co-op farms as well as insights and facts about dairy products to consumers. DFA manages and supports multiple web properties and apps to communicate with their members and consumers. As a long-standing partner of DFA, MBB has a deep understanding of the business and the obstacles they face. In addition, we understand their segmented target audiences. MBB played a key role in helping DFA evolve their technologies to work cohesively to order to solve ongoing business challenges.

Dairy Farmers of America

Web Development

Move from Systems to Silos

MBB was tasked with finding efficiencies in communicating to customers and with creating consistencies in their operating systems. The organization was evolving from being member focused to consumer focused, and the websites needed to reflect this. A few of the websites included:

  • DFAMilk.com—reaching members and consumers about who DFA is, the value of dairy products and representing their brand to the marketplace.
  • Risk Management (fs.dfamilk.com)—reaching members who utilize their Risk Management services while also providing prospective members insights into the Risk Management product.
  • The Creamery—a boutique product brand with an eCommerce experience driving toward online sales.

Platforms and Properties

Given the range of products DFA provides to the marketplace, they needed a platform to maintain their 6 unique properties. While all properties serve a different purpose, they also provide valuable information to their audiences including content, recipes, data-driven reports, ecommerce and a wide array of other options.

Whether it was a full redesign to provide a better lens into the brand of DFA or getting an eCommerce platform up and running, MBB’s engagements helped DFA move forward and not be limited by technologies.

kids on screen dfa

Tools and Technologies

The DFA tools and technologies ecosystem is complicated just by the nature of the work they do. For every property, it was critical to identify the right tool for the right job, as to not overwhelm the system or the experience. Most often we leveraged Kentico to deliver web experiences; however, in some cases WordPress was used for content management. For our enterprise-scale engagements the content management systems were connected to internal data through API services, authentication systems, asset management repositories and other technologies to round out the experience.

dfa web layout

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