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A site experience that breaks a sweat – in a good way.

Sunlighten is leading the way with its infrared saunas empowering people to feel better, do more and live fully. They came to MBB looking for a dot com experience that could reflect that. Our solution was simple – implement the kind of technology that enabled smarter content management solutions across every platform and any language.

The Right Framework Matters.

The static site generator we selected did the heavy lifting allowing our development team to focus on ensuring client requirements were met. In addition, it elevated the site speed and provided flexibility for the same developers to work on the Browser and Server side with the same technologies.

A diagram showing how content published on the headless CMS platform, along with Code being updated on Github, is merged together during build on the Host server which then deploys these changes to the website

Going Headless for Content Management.

Our headless CMS platform empowered Sunlighten’s digital team by decoupling content from display. They can share content between different properties and can redesign the site anytime without having to change CMS systems. It keeps all their digital channels in sync by updating content in one place. You can learn more about our headless approach here.

A diagram showing how content is decoupled from the end display allowing content to be repurposed in multiple ways.

One Site. Multiple Data Sources.

Static sites easily incorporate data from multiple channels into one user interface, so Sunlighten isn’t limited to what is available in their CMS or constrained by the limitations of existing plugins. In fact, it can pull data from CMS, high-powered search index, sales applications.

A mobile webpage showcasing how static sites incorporate data from multiple channels into one user interface.

11 Countries. 7 Websites. 1 Authoring Location.

Our site build quickly created global alignment for the brand. With one authoring location, there is a quicker delivery and maintenance to allow efforts to be spent elsewhere. With the help of a Global Content Delivery Network, site pages were delivered faster in designated regions.


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