Rossville Union

Rye 101

Masterfully distilling
facts about rye

To help Rossville Union own their position as the Masters of Rye, we created an educational booklet that introduces consumers to the history and benefits of rye whiskey. With a beautiful design, leather-like exterior, and pages for tasting notes, Rye 101 is a promotional piece worth holding on to.

Rossville Union

Branding & Identity

Rossville Rye 101 logo

To celebrate the history of rye whiskey and Rossville Union, we crafted a visual style reminiscent of vintage etchings. To top it off, we branded our educational booklet as Rye 101, a complete resource for appreciating the original American spirit.


We told the history of rye from the very beginning. It’s the American history of rye that informed Rossville Union and was necessary for appreciating the complex spirit.

Rossville Union

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