St. James Winery

Sparkling Fruit Wine Packaging

Introducing the official drink of the patio

St. James Winery has a reputation for creating some of the most recognized fruit wines in the country. When they were ready to grow their product line with a sparkling fruit wine, they reached out to MBB. Our solution was simple – create an ownable look with bold flavor illustrations that captured the essence of what was inside the can.

St. James Winery

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A refreshing take on a well-established brand

An extension of St. James’ popular fruit wines, the canned versions needed to relate to the classics consumers have come to love while introducing the brand to a new consumer. Updates to the watercolor illustrations, a bold, minimal aesthetic and consistent color palette make this friendly to St. James’ customers, old and new.

The right details matter

The label features spot gloss bubbles around the can, a subtle detail that adds depth to the minimal design and hints at the sparkling nature of the fruit wine.

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St. James

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