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Giving a whiskey its spirit.

Luxco, an industry leading spirit maker, was tasked with private labeling a new whiskey. Based off its highly awarded portfolio, we knew the flavor and taste would speak for itself. Beyond that, they wanted this whiskey to have a meaningful purpose and story. Together, we decided it was time to champion female distillers – many of whom helped make whiskey what it is today.

Naming The Unnamed

Early in America, women whiskey makers weren’t given a chance. With laws in place that wouldn’t allow them to claim land ownership or run a distillery, many women pushed on the only way they could – using an alias. It was this backstory that inspired us. Alias Whiskey was born. It’s a name that celebrates the craft and craftiness of first-generation women distillers.

Alias Bottle with Black Vases
Alias Poster Series

A bold story deserves bolder messaging. Knowing that Alias needed to capture the eyes of potential consumers, we wanted our messaging to stand out with headlines that were as crafty as the original women in whiskey themselves.

Inspiring the next generation of women in whiskey

It was one thing to celebrate women in whiskey. We knew we also needed to champion opportunities for the next generation of women who were passionate about distilling. Together with Moonshine University, we offered a free scholarship to advance the winner’s education.

A Celebration of Craft and Craftiness
Bottle Necker
Alias Post Card

A bottle designed to connect with consumers

As a new product in a crowded category, we knew that we needed to push both the shape and design of Alias. We paired the purity of an all-black bottle with a clean, refined design to create something that created the kind of intrigue and appeal consumers would need to pick it up.

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