Bon Ami

Clean Made Simple Campaign

Bringing a Heritage Brand into the 21st Century

The Challenge

As a century-old cleaning product, Bon Ami has been a household staple for generations. However, as buying power shifted to millennials, Bon Ami saw year-over-year sales declines. To fuel product growth, they needed to become relevant to the new generation of cleaners.

Bon Ami

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Green Matters

Understanding the millennial audience expects their products to be safe for humans and the environment, MBB developed a messaging platform and brand look and feel around Bon Ami’s no harsh chemicals solution. Then we took that reimagined brand to market.


Awareness 24% Lift in message awareness from the campaign
Impressions 17M Impressions from influencer content
New Followers 77% Of the new Bon Ami followers were due to influencer activation
Engagement Rate 2.4% On Facebook (vs .17% benchmark)

A Revamped Look

We refreshed and let the brand celebrate its heritage with bold colors and modern takes on retro imagery. We created custom social content, banner ads, six-second digital pre-roll spots, and influencer communications.

Spring Cleaning with Jade

Making it Influential

We partnered with celebrity influencers, like Jade Tolbert, who distributed authentic content, fueled word-of-mouth buzz, and amplified our brand messaging with mass scale.

Holiday with Jade
Instant Experience

Eye-Catching Work

The campaign caught the eye of Walmart, who applauded Bon Ami’s influencer activation and discussed opportunities for a future partnership.

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