Move Over Meryl, MBB’s Got The Awards This Season

Ah, smell that sense of pride and accomplishment? That sort of feeling that only comes from the validation from others? Of course you can. It’s awards season. Oscars? Overrated. Grammys? Can’t handle our harmonies. Tonys? We’re not that dramatic.

We’re in Kansas City, so the only awards that matter (well… this time of the year, anyway) are the ADDY Awards. And hey, we got two of ‘em this year.

Kansas City T-Bones Posters

First up is a Gold ADDY in poster campaign for our stellar series of prints for the Kansas City T-Bones. Art director Micah Hair and illustrator Anonymous Moses (look, it’s a long story) teamed up to give the Kansas City T-Bones a set of posters promoting their first game of the 2017 season.

Remember that ‘50s “Let’s All Go to the Lobby” commercial at drive-ins? (I was born in the ‘90s, and even I remember it). Now imagine if that was, I don’t know, cool—and boom, you’ve got these posters showcasing all the advantages of spending a summer day with the T-Bones.

This design project sings the love of the T-Bones and embraces the heritage of seeing a game of baseball with your family, hot dogs and all. Get to know more about creative’s role in marketing with this post from content strategist Abby Hill.

Niagara Starch Press On Campaign

Second is a Silver ADDY in cross-platform campaigns for our digital work with Niagara Starch. The credits for this project are hilarious, because you’ll start to realize how many hands in (and out of) the agency were involved with making this heritage brand stand out again.

The Engagement and Creative teams were bedfellows on this project, creating a landing page to house all of our creative content. Plus, all that creative was mixed with content from influencers secured by our earned media team. Oh, and we worked with a bunch of local and national vendors to make sure everything from celebrity influencers to fashion photography was spot on. Videos, high-impact banners, influencers, and lettering–y’know, a normal bout of teamwork for us.

See it for yourself below!

Want to know more about the ins and outs of how we approached influencer marketing for Niagara? Check out this blog from Leah Mountain, VP of MBB.

We’re not gonna get all Sally Field on y’all with a “you like us, you really like us.” And, let’s be honest–it feels great to have our hard work rewarded, but it feels even better to know the work we did was cool. At the end of the day, that’s what makes our jobs so fun.

Well, okay, we’ll put these ADDYs on full display, too.

We’re For Ironers Campaign Video
niagara video thumbnail image

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