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Making a personal connection

Pregnancy and labor is a one-of-a-kind experience. It’s something highly personal. Yet, more often than not, expectant mothers seek out guidance from other women when making important decisions about OB/GYNs or which hospital to partner with. So when the AdventHealth Shawnee Mission Birth Center wanted to increase awareness and grow patient volume, we knew exactly what to do. We tapped into an authentic, shared experience from well-known mother in the Kansas City area.   


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Utilizing influencers as advocates

While influencer marketing is an effective strategy in the product industry, when it comes to healthcare, it’s not as common because of the complexity of “trial” and HIPPA concerns. This is why it’s critical to have established relationships with influencers who trust the agency and the brand involved. MBB and AdventHealth Shawnee Mission had created relationships with influencers from past healthcare campaigns. So when one influencer announced she was expecting her first child, the opportunity for a partnership fell right into place.

Creating a partnership grounded in flexibility

We partnered with Shanna Hutcheson (@wellnessforthewin) to take her followers along as she shared her pregnancy journey and birth story. As with any successful influencer activation, including Shanna in our upfront content planning was critical. Shanna helped craft a genuine story that was both personal yet protective of her privacy. MBB worked closely with Shanna to overcome potential challenges of sharing personal information and worked ahead of any unexpected obstacles that could have been encountered.

Sharing an authentic experience

Transparency throughout Shanna’s experience was key to a successful campaign. Her three blogs, two Instagram live events and hospital tour were shared across AdventHealth social channels and supported through four weeks of paid social to increase engagement and reach. The robust content plan gave Shanna’s followers an authentic, behindthescenes look at the AdventhHealth Birth Center. It gave them a glimpse of what they would experience before they would actually experience it.

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