What to Consider When Developing Brand Voice

In writing, voice is the author’s style. It’s what makes him or her unique. Voice conveys attitude, personality, and character. The same is true when we talk about brand voice. Voice has the power to bring a brand to life, giving it a human quality the consumer can connect with.

Some business owners view their brand as an extension of themselves, so their brand voice is simply who they are. But not all brands have it that easy. New or old, any brand can benefit from strategizing around finding the right voice for their business and audience.

Here are some things to consider as you work toward building (or rebuilding) your brand voice.


Who you’re talking to can have a big impact on your brand voice. Do you serve a specific region of the country? If so, your brand voice might use colloquialisms native to that area (ex: saying “y’all” instead of “you all”). Does your audience appreciate humor? If it doesn’t detract from your product or service, you might consider inserting some humor into your communications.

Company Values

Above all, your brand voice should represent your company and what it values. If your brand is all about having a good time, your voice will be light, fun, and maybe a little snarky. But if you’re selling life insurance, being snarky and making jokes probably won’t work well.

Industry Competition

With the rise of content marketing, there’s a lot of noise in just about every industry. Standing out is more important than ever. Take a look at what your competitors are doing with their brand voice. How can you make your brand sound unique next to theirs? Sometimes just adding a little personality to your written communications can go a long way toward establishing a brand voice.

Finding Consistency

When it comes to communicating your brand voice, consistency is key. You don’t want to be serious and dry on your website but quirky and personable on email or social media. No matter who is writing your content or where it appears, it should sound like it’s all being written by the same person: your brand. That’s why it’s important to lay the groundwork for brand development with a unifying document that everyone in your organization can reference as they create content on and off the website.

At MBB, we think developing a brand strategy is necessary for laying the groundwork for your brand voice. If you need help finding or refining your voice, let’s talk.

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