The Power Of Video Marketing

Chad McClure, MBB’s Associate Creative Director, Motion and Video, has over 20 years of motion graphics and video production experience. He brings this experience and dedication to the trade to MBB each and every day. Chad took a break from his busy production schedule to discuss how video has changed over the last decade and what makes video marketing so powerful today.

Chad, your education was in graphic design. How did you get into video production?

I was an Art Director at an advertising agency and began doing motion graphics on the side. I was drawn to the combination of graphic design with music and storytelling. In 2010, I opened my own animation studio, which quickly transformed into a video production company.

Why do you think video has played such a significant role in marketing over the last several years?

Handheld devices make video creation and distribution a lot easier. The medium is more approachable without buying expensive airtime. Essentially video production has become democratized.

Today, anyone can shoot a video and easily share it. How does that impact your work?

Yes, there is more content being created using videos, but there is still a very strong need for high-quality video production. Video production is so much more than just making a pretty video. Just making something look good is something anyone can do. Finding a good, true story is something that takes experience and time.

What role does video play in marketing today?

Video adds an emotional value to the brand that may not have been expressed before. It has the unique ability to give consumers a visceral response to the brand. Rarely do you look at a static image and get chills like you do with a video.

What benefits do you see to using video in marketing?

A good video has the power to breathe life into a brand and tell a story in a more fluid manner.

What elements make a more powerful video?

Every brand has an interesting story that just needs to be dug up and found. When that story is found and articulated, the video has the potential to be very powerful.

How do you know a video is great?

It really starts with the initial concepting with a client. If a client is open to a process of exploration, we know we can create something truly great.

You’ve been with MBB for just under 2 years. What has been your biggest learning so far?

There is a significant difference between advertising agencies and production companies. While both models can be successful, I think we are now in a place where we are the best of both.

Why is it important for an agency to have in-house video production?

Simply put, we’re more nimble. Our video production is high quality but efficient and cost-effective. We’ve created an environment in which every client can work with this medium within their budget.

Interested in adding video to your marketing plan? Check out some of MBB’s latest video production.

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