Ok, Amazon, find me a….

Traditionally known as a sales vehicle, Amazon has quickly become a tool used early in the buyer journey. More and more consumers are bypassing Google, moving straight to Amazon to research products. In fact, 56 percent of online product searches begin on Amazon.

Consumers use Amazon as a key resource for product information, pricing, product images, consumer ratings/reviews and competitive shopping.

With all that information at the click of your mouse (or keypad or touch screen…), it’s obvious why it has become an important tool in the buyer journey. And therefore, it’s more important than ever for brands to manage their presence on Amazon.

Whether a brand sells direct on Amazon or not, buyers can likely find the brand sold by a third-party seller. These third-party sellers aren’t always authorized by brands, in turn creating product messaging, photography and content that is not authorized by the brand either.

Amazon is a behemoth, and as such, important to the success of any CPG company. Developing strategies for success within Amazon (selling direct, advertising, enhanced content, search capabilities, etc.) needs to be a priority.

The Amazon brand registry was created for manufacturers and brand owners so they can protect registered trademarks on Amazon and create an accurate and trusted experience for consumers. The registry gives manufacturers and brand owners you access to proprietary text and image search, reports of suspected property rights violations, and more ability to control lists including the brand.

It’s a simple and free option that offers protection against inaccurate brand representation on Amazon and a little peace of mind as well. But it’s just one baby step to developing an overarching Amazon strategy. Other things to consider include AMS, A+ Enhanced Content, Storefronts, among others.

If you’re interested in creating an Amazon strategy for your brand, let’s talk.

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