MBB’s Super Bowl CPG Ad Poll: The Results Are In

As a Kansas City-based company, our interest in the Super Bowl game fizzled out a couple weeks ago. However, as an advertising agency, we were still very much interested in the biggest advertising event of the year. Several CPG brands shelled out big bucks to be part of the event and capture the attention of the record-breaking audience. And we’re here to judge them all. We took an annual agency poll to find out which spots MBBers liked the most. The poll revealed a few favorites, and one that caused controversy in the office.

Our Favorites

Stella Artois: Who doesn’t love a good dose of nostalgia with Carrie and The Dude? This was a fun flashback with a couple of our favorite characters reminding us that changing things up can be a good thing.

Bubly: Launching a new product in a crowded beverage category is a tough task that requires good name recognition to succeed. We think Bubly did just that with a little help from similarly named Michael Bublé.

Doritos: A 90s classic turned catchy tune with the help of Chance the Rapper is something we soon won’t forget. “Ooh, hot stuff all over my nachos, Walking like a taco…”

Bud Light: We found this to be a fun, light-hearted way to call attention to a key product differentiator. The National Corn Growers Association has a different opinion, though, and we’re standing by to see where this battle takes them. Either way, according to SalesForce and CNBC, Bud Light topped the charts as the Most Mentioned Super Bowl Advertiser.

And now for the one that we loved and hated all at the same time.

Devour: Either you LOL at the man slamming his computer shut so that his wife doesn’t see that he’s drooling over slo-mo shots of mac and cheese OR you find the whole thing uncomfortable and teetering on inappropriate. It’s a mixed review here, so we’ll let you be the judge of this one.

May the 2020 Super Bowl bring more nostalgia, fun celebrity pairings, catchy tunes and a Chiefs WIN!

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