MBB scores two American Advertising Awards

In 2020, MBB not only rebranded but also established our position to Make It Matter. For us, Make It Matter lies at the intersection of making it cool and making it smart. When we can excel at both strategic thinking and creative excellence, we truly make it matter for our clients, our people and our agency. This week MBB was recognized by the AAF-KC with two American Advertising Awards for our creative excellence in the art of advertising.

Rossville Union Presents Rye 101 book

Silver Award – Book Design

To help our client, Rossville Union, establish themselves as the Masters of Rye, we created an educational booklet that introduced consumers to the history and benefits of rye whiskey. With a beautiful design, leather-like exterior, and pages for tasting notes, Rye 101 isn’t your typical promotional piece.

MBB 2020 Vision Riso Calendar

Silver Award – Self-Promotion

Every year when the holidays come around, we ask ourselves—what is something we can provide our clients that will truly matter? We think this truly impactful—and very colorful—calendar did just that. This calendar gave each of our talented designers the opportunity to visualize what the New Year would bring. Great things, we hope.

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