MBB scores 2 Gold, 1 Silver awards at the 2019 AAF-KC AAAs

The team representing MBB at the 2019 AAAs. Our four photo booth poses are absolutely nailed down.

Our founding father, John Muller, always said to “make it cool.” It’s a mantra plastered on one of our walls, and it informs the quality of work we do at MBB in every department. Now, the consequence of making cool stuff is that we have the burden to winning awards. It’s a heavy burden.

But the 2019 AAF-KC American Advertising Awards have eased that weight with the addition of new hardware in our trophy case. I’m thrilled to announce that three of MBB’s projects were featured at the show.

Better Together Calendar

Gold Award – Advertising Industry Self-Promotion

Making our holiday gift for clients and employees is always a special task. This year was no different, creating a desk calendar celebrating collaboration. Our creative team worked together to create 12 unique designs along the theme of “Better Together,” from food pairings like burgers and fries to a celebration of the word “y’all.” We worked with local letterpress studio Hammerpress to get these printed, and the quality is just fantastic. And shout out to Dovetail Designs for creating the wood stands for the calendars.

MBB Welcome Kit

Gold Award – Advertising Industry Self-Promotion

We love when new people join the team at MBB, but we haven’t always been the best at telling them why we love it here so much. This has changed with the introduction of our Welcome Kit for new hires. The kit features so much, but I personally love the milestone pins and pennant, printed by the awesome team at Oddities Prints, that every employee receives. They’re a great way to mark your journey at MBB, from holiday parties to jobs well done.

Element Ice Cream Posters

Silver Award – Poster Campaign

We created this set of letterpress posters for a local Kansas City ice cream truck that specializes in using nitrogen to make their icy creations. The bright colors and textures really came alive through letterpress and made this set of signage stand out.

All of these projects have unique production and printing techniques that I believe really elevated the work to award-winning. It’s something the gang at MBB loves to get a chance to do when we create physical work.

You’re bound to see more of this work and the process behind creating it throughout the year as we post more of our creative efforts on our Work page and in this very blog. Plus, it’s only February, and I can already tell that there will only be more awards to announce.

TL;DR – MBB won three awards at the AAAs this year and boy are we happy.

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