MBB Named One of Ingram’s Best Companies to Work For

We learned this week that we have been named one of Ingram’s Magazine’s Best Companies To Work For. That is exciting. And, rewarding. It’s fun to win and a challenge to do more. It makes me pause and reflect on what it takes to be a “best” company to work for.

The distractions are nice—kegs, parties, gifts, casual attire, and the craziest holiday party you have ever seen. Seriously, it is the stuff of legends.

But, the title “Best Company to Work For” also suggests…you know…that work gets done.

And sometimes when you enter the offices of an agency, you do wonder, Hey, what are these guys doing all day? That’s because what we do may appear whimsical—not grounded in a process or practice. That is simply not the case. What it is, is cerebral.

We trade in ideas. We think of things, question them, and think again. One of our values to the client is distance, a space away from the daily grind that lends itself to a different perspective. We turn that distance into insight. The insights become ideas, and the ideas are executed. And if well constructed, those executions lead to change. A change of heart. A change of behavior. A change in results.

We are only as good as our results, client and agency alike. Our results are a by-product of really big moments and lots of little moments. And those little things we do every day must create an impact.

It takes a culture that embraces people’s talents and pushes them further. If we are going to be a best company to work for, it is not only about how people are treated and what they experience but also the type of impact they get to make.

In 2015, we embraced a revised value system that articulates what it takes to work at this firm.

Take the stairs

Our ridiculously steep staircase to the office primarily inspired this value. But it also sends a signal to the group. There is value in working a little harder to get something accomplished. The elevator is fast and convenient, but the stairs get you where you need to go and provide a workout along the way.

Bring a hammer

What we do is work. Everyone needs to bring tools and be ready to use them.

Use your outside voice

This is not an industry for the timid. Clients are paying for our brains, experience, and thought process. You need to be respectfully forthright with your thoughts, which are valued more than opinions.

Share the ride

We are a team. We travel in packs. We help each other out. That’s just the deal.

In 2016, we made great strides for our clients and ourselves. We have launched new products, built volumes at a number of our healthcare clients, and reversed sagging sales and breathed life in to great heritage brands. The primary thing that makes our agency a best company to work for is the satisfaction of a job well done. Thank you to Ingram’s Magazine for recognizing the accomplishment. In 2017 and 2018, we will come to work each day…and we will bring the hammer.

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