MBB is ready to Commit to Change

As an agency, we realize that sometimes the best way to move forward and evolve for the better is to evaluate where we stand today. Inspired by The BrandLab, we’ve participated in a nationwide initiative led by 600 & Rising called #CommitToChange. The goal is simple—to increase BIPOC representation across the board in advertising. But the problem is simple as well—agencies have little to no data to release to see where we are starting from.

That changed this week as we surveyed employees and gathered data about the cultural makeup of MBB. We acknowledge we have work to do as an agency to grow our diversity and inclusion. We’re utilizing this opportunity to showcase our transparency and reiterate our commitment to working with partners like The BrandLab to help us become an agency who helps foster change in our industry.

So what do we do going forward? Just like the challenge itself, MBB is going to commit. We’re going to commit to defining a vision that helps ensure a more diverse workplace. And we’re going to commit to figuring out ways to promote, attract and retain diverse talent. We’re viewing this as day one for our agency and we hope others will do the same.

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