MBB is Moving to Downtown Overland Park

MBB Agency is excited to announce that we are moving to a new location in Downtown Overland Park. We have purchased an old dance and gymnastics studio, which we plan to renovate over the next six months. Our agency is working with Clockwork Architecture to design a space that will allow MBB Agency to grow by size and capability.

Needless to say, we’re pretty excited about the move.

First, we have the opportunity to make it cool (re: to make it our own). Owning our building allows us to really customize the space and make it work for the long term. It’s a big, open palette on which we hope to paint a work environment that we love and thrive in.

Second, it’s functional. The new building has space to grow as we grow. Jim Brown, Partner and CEO, said, “We are looking for a place where we can continue to grow the agency in a location that the staff will find fun and close to amenities, while also giving them proximity to home.” With the purchase of the building comes a house, where we will build a production studio. This will allow us to deliver great lifestyle content for our clients in a turnkey method that will allow us to control costs and quality.

Finally, and most importantly, it is a place that will support our promise of a positive work/life balance. We believe the new location will help us attract and retain the most talented people in our industry. We have adopted a very clear agency vision: Be the best agency to work for in Kansas City. This space will provide enough cache with a livability that delivers on that promise. Denny Meier, Partner and CFO, said, “We were looking for a geography that would fit with our work/life balance initiatives. Downtown Overland Park does just that and more.”

So, we’ve purchased an old gymnasium. Keep an eye out for our updates. We will be posting videos and pictures of the renovations until our move this fall.

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