MBB Agency is saying goodbye to hippo

By , Posted February 1, 2019

After more than a decade together, MBB Agency is saying goodbye to hippo.

But rest assured, it’s a fond farewell. Because to us, hippo was simply a symbol, one that allowed us to differentiate our healthcare work from the rest of our agency clients. When we hired a specialized team devoted to healthcare marketing in 2007, hippo helped us demonstrate dedication to the space.

At the time, healthcare marketing was viewed as something vastly different from traditional consumer marketing. But over time, as an industry, we’ve come to realize that healthcare is just another part of our economy. Today, patients are being referred to as consumers, and doctors are now providers.

MBB recognizes that evolution and is dedicated to evolving with it. For this reason, our hippo team is no longer separate and distinct from MBB, but a part of it. In fact, as our experience in healthcare has grown, we’ve dedicated more and more MBB resources to hippo clients. We’ve reached the point where, for us as an agency, the two no longer feel separate.

So that’s why this year we’re retiring our hippo. Our team of strategy folks is still here along with our desire to do killer creative for the healthcare space. Our clients are the same. Our case studies are the same. Our work will only get better as the integration of strategy and creative becomes tighter.

Welcome to MBB Health. Or should I say, welcome back.

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