MBB Adds Amanda Mikuls to Senior Management Team

It’s cliché to say the best part of your company is the people. It is more believable in the professional services arena where people are so much of what we “sell”. It is truer in an agency where we lack the standards of legal or accounting practices. And it is also rare to find people you not only respect professionally but enjoy as well. MBB is blessed with many of these folks. I am excited to recognize the promotion of one of them, Amanda Mikuls, to our senior management team. Amanda possesses all the traits you look for in a servant leader.

Amanda joined MBB five years after a 14-year stint at another highly respected firm. Her impact is measured in more than duration. From the day she arrived, she brought a steady and confident voice for the agency to all clients. Beyond that, she is a great partner to her co-workers. In Amanda they can trust the balance between agency desires and client needs. What makes it more incredible is she does this all while balancing the demands of two pre-teen kids. Honestly, the toughest assignment of them all!

Amanda will control the day-to-day operations of the account department and be a welcome voice as we look to continuously evolve and enhance MBB’s services and service promise to our clients.

Congrats Amanda!

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