Making our Work Pop

The Creative department here at MBB recently went through a phase (or frenzy, depending on who you’re asking) after coming to the sudden realization that we don’t have a lot of work hanging around in cyberspace.

Enter, stage left, our new Behance page. Think of it as getting guest access into our server before our kickass (I’m not biased) work hits our main site. You’re an insider! Look at you go. I’m proud of you. (Here’s your casual, nonchalant reminder to follow us and spam us with likes).

Black Cat Poster

This set of posters for Black Cat Fireworks was one of the obvious first additions to the page. Stellar illustrations that originally lived just on Black Cat’s Facebook deserved to get a big ‘ole poster treatment. They evoke the deep American heritage of Black Cat with the wily snark of Jax the Cat.

The posterification (not a word, but indulge me) was simple after that. Part one: adding some grunge. These posters are all about celebrating the heritage of blowing things up, which if you’re me means saying adiós to white and hola to old parchment and rusty metal textures. Part two: bringing it home with some bangin’ vintage type. A pairing of classic sign-painting fonts and a rusty metal typeface with a bite was just the thing.

Take a gander at some more work that has graced the screens here. There’s the kickoff to the CHI Health Imagine That Campaign, some truly amazing series of posters, including a set for a production of Snow White at Nativity Parish School, and a Big Game Landing Page for Chinet, which is sure to put your Super Bowl party to shame.

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