A Local Leader Earns National Acclaim

The Aster Awards is one of the largest and most respected competitions of its kind. This elite program has recognized outstanding healthcare organizations for excellence in their marketing efforts for over two decades. Through the collaborative effort of MBB and University Health’s internal marketing team, we are proud to announce that we won Gold. 

Our award recognized our rebranding efforts as Truman Medical Centers repositioned itself as University Health. Under this name, we revealed the organization’s brand truth of delivering Academic Medicine for All. This platform highlighted the mission and reinforced the fact that they were an Academic Medical Center committed to making strides for the health of all.  

“The key to all of this has been listening. MBB started by proposing a collaborative effort and focused the campaign work on listening to members of the community as well as internal audiences, which included members of leadership and representatives from throughout the organization, including nutrition and maintenance personnel.” Nancy Lewis, Chief Marketing Officer, University Health 

It was clear from the stakeholders that a pivotal part of the rebranding would be to not only preserve but also elevate the way they talk about their mission of delivering quality care regardless of the ability to pay. MBB focused on articulating it in a way that mattered—both internally and out in the market. That’s where the DNA strand came in. Woven throughout all communication tactics, it shows that their core values of teaching, healing and caring are ingrained within the walls of the organization. These three values mean they can deliver their one remarkable mission.  

We are proud to receive the Gold Aster Award, which is a score of 95% to 99% and recognizes the top 5% in the nation. Our competition included renowned health systems throughout the country. More importantly, we are excited we were able to put a spotlight on an organization committed to doing amazing things for all of Kansas City.  

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