Kicking It Old School: 2nd Annual MBB Kickball Game

With the turning of the seasons comes many of our fall favorites…crisp air, cool weather and, of course, friendly competition. Each fall, MBB takes a break from strategizing about brands and spends a few hours strategizing about kickball. The 2nd annual MBB kickball game has concluded and, boy, was it a doozy.

This year, extra strategizing went into team names and shirt designs. (We continue to hone our craft, after all.) What came out of the brainstorm was nothing short of genius. A special thanks to Yup Yup Designs for bringing two members-only jokes to life with these printed shirts:

roses softball team tshirt designcheezit softball team shirt design

Team Spicy Cheez-Its was truly the kick you never saw coming with just as many home-runs as foul balls. Team Mystery Roses spent the day hurling accusations as well as strikes. The team dominated with countless bunts and forced outs. Despite what some may say, the teams were divided evenly and fairly. However, it was no surprise that team Mystery Roses came out victorious.

KC Bier Co. was kind enough to host the event again this year, which set the perfect stage for what may be the most memorable kickball game in history. Despite a collision at third that resulted in several broken ribs, one punctured lung, and a few days spent in the hospital, it was a great day for all most.

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