It was a good, good day


“You make a living by what you get. You make a life by what you give.”
-Winston Churchill


Tuesday was MBB Agency’s annual Good Day, and it was a good day indeed.

Once a year, MBB closes down the office and spends the day giving back. While this day has taken on many forms in years past (See: Planting Trees), one thing has always remained the same – MBB is committed to doing GOOD for our employees, our clients and our community.

This year, we stepped out of our immediate community and drove up to the Greg/Klice Community Center in the heart of Kansas City, Missouri. It was there that Project Homeless Connect KC hosted their annual free, one-day event to help connect individuals experiencing homelessness to the resources they need to move their lives forward. MBB volunteered as “navigators” assisting individuals around the event to ensure they felt welcome and help them access as many resources as possible. The resources included housing, medical and dental services, identification, food stamps, veteran services, employment opportunities, and education services.

Quite honestly, this opportunity took many of us out of our comfort zones. It was challenging, exhausting and at times, emotional. We spent hours with individuals who initially we feared we would not be able to connect with. Yet, what many of us found was that we had more in common than not with these individuals, which made saying goodbye at the end of the day very difficult. The people we met were similar to us in age and shared similar challenges, including mental, social and emotional struggles. The biggest difference is that we had a warm bed to sleep in at night. While simply helping them navigate a stressful situation likely meant a lot to them, we left wishing we could have done more.

We went to Project Homeless Connect with the intention of impacting others’ lives, but what we found was that our lives were equally impacted – if not more so – by their stories, their survival and their strength. We appreciate that organizations like Project Homeless Connect exist to help these struggling members of our community. If you would like to support Project Homeless Connect, you can learn how to do so here.

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