Influencing the Future of Healthcare

The world of social media influencers is something we’ve all come to know and hardly needs to be defined anymore. Looking for a new mattress? Oh, I heard “so-and-so” talking about that on their Instagram Story! Trying to find the perfect meal delivery service? Surely, you’ve seen “so-and-so’s” most recent blog post about it.

At MBB, we’re all about making work that matters. We know that influencer marketing is an effective strategy in the product industry. However, when it comes to healthcare, it’s not as common because of the complexity of “trial” and HIPPA concerns. But even more than for a mattress company, we feel passionately finding the right voice to speak to the right audience with an authentic POV is an integral part of the future of healthcare marketing.

How are influencers the future of healthcare? We’re glad you asked.


People are consuming more content than ever before on social media. The amount of time spent on social media platforms has been rising since 2012. In 2021, the average consumer spent over 2 hours and 20 minutes a day on social media platforms. That’s a lot of time for a brand to get in front of a potential customer.

How do influencers in healthcare fit into that mix? Think of it this way. When you’re looking for where to deliver your next baby or what Emergency Room has the best service with little wait times, you often look for advice from a close friend, a family member, or someone you trust. That niche is where influencers thrive. This authentic and trustworthy POV is modernized word-of-mouth marketing. In fact, according to SmartBrief, 87% of shoppers are inspired by an influencer to make a purchase


There is a reason why we referenced the mattress and meal delivery service previously – a majority of the posts all look the same. The influencer is standing in their beautifully clean kitchen with a box that shows just the perfect angle of the delivery service logo on top of a, again, beautifully clean, marble countertop. You’re laughing because you’re picturing it too, right? That is not the type of content we’re looking for because it’s inauthentic, and it doesn’t give the audience a true insight into how their trusted friend (the influencer) uses this good or service in their everyday life.

When it comes to influencing the audience on healthcare decisions, a challenge appears. This is where some homework comes to play. Find an influencer who is already knowledgeable or speaking on the topic. Perhaps they are a blogger within the health and wellness space, a professional athlete, or a well-known mom creating content for healthy alternatives to sneak into your kid’s next meal. Having the background to speak on a topic that feels natural not only to the influencer and the brand but also feels authentic to the audience is that sweet spot we’re craving. This type of authenticity will translate to quality content and conversions for your next campaign.


We’ll be the first to admit that hard work makes a project successful—but having a strategy behind your efforts keeps that hard work on a clearly defined path. Sure, the world of influencers is a bit more glamourous, but it does require a well-ironed strategic approach. Keep the three Rs in mind when creating your influencer plan: Reach, Relevance, and Resonance. How many people are you reaching with your message? Does the influencer you’ve selected have any relevance to your brand? How does the message resonate with the audience? While each “R” can look different for each campaign, it’s important to be mindful of how much potential your campaign has through these three lenses.

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