How Great Culture Inspires Great Work

Culture is an integral part of any work environment. It’s what unites us together to achieve a common goal, what keeps us coming to work every day, and our excuse to host Beer:30s after a hard week’s work.

The culture of MBB+ is what drew me to this agency to begin with, and honestly, culture is the backbone of a successful company. In a recent article by Forbes, the author states that employees are the key to a business’ success, helping to move the needle in terms of creativity, productivity and office morale. Essentially, by empowering your employees, you empower your business.

At MBB+, we believe in the work-hard, play-hard attitude. Work is, after all, work – and that should be a priority. But it shouldn’t be the only priority. Recently I was asked to be a part of the newly reinstated culture committee—or, as we like to call it, the FUN committee. We were tasked with rewarding hard work and to remind our coworkers that sometimes, you just need to step away from your desk for snacks, music and laughs.

The FUN Committee is in charge of Beer:30 celebrations every Friday, hosting monthly birthday celebrations, surprising the staff with monthly lunches, and throwing baby and wedding showers for those big moments in life. We’re firm believers that nothing brings people together better than food and booze, and celebrating each other’s accomplishments inside and outside of the office is a way for us to bond as an agency. Being a part of this committee has been one of the best experiences I’ve had so far at MBB+, and it’s fun to surprise our coworkers and cheers to hard work and life events.

As a company, MBB+ is invested in employees’ lives and experiences at work. The walls of our agency are lined with motivational tidbits and quotes from our founder, John Muller. Agency partners’ doors are always open, and we favor the collaborative feel of pods over cubicles. Dogs are welcome in our office, and if you feel like wearing your sweet MBB+ track jacket to work, we are 100 percent supportive.

Additionally, MBB+ is invested in the community and employees’ professional development. Senior management organizes an annual Good Day where the team dedicates a day to serve the community, and each employee is allowed one day per year for community service opportunities of their own. Professional development of any kind is also encouraged and help to keep us, and the agency, at the top of our game.

When it comes to culture, it’s actually very simple – when you have employees who love coming to work, you create great work. That’s what we strive for at MBB+, and what motivates our agency to create action for our clients. John Muller always said that he wanted people that worked hard, worked together and worked smart, and we’ll continue to do what we can to uphold that tradition. If you think you have what it takes to be an MBBer, check out our latest career opportunities.

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