Finding The Right Fit

We have been doing quite a bit of hiring lately due to growth and the COVID-era transition that has impacted many businesses. It has me thinking about the value of “fit.”

If you have read any of my writings, you know this—I love basketball. And I love the Kansas Jayhawks. It may surprise you that, for me, the ugliest rivalry for my beloved Jayhawks is the University of Arizona. I HATE the U of A. I have a real place in my heart for the state of Arizona. It has a rugged beauty that I believe is unmatched. The food. The people. The untamed West really pulls at my heart. Except for Tucson. Or specifically, a few members of the Tucson community who ruined the greatest fitting basketball team of all time—the 1996-97 Jayhawks.

In the first year of the Big XII Roy’s Boys boat-raced the league, took home the Big XII tournament title, and entered the big dance as a number one seed.

I was living in Phoenix when KU faced the U of A in the tournament. I won’t bore you with the details, but it was a long night for us handful of Hawks as the U of A defeated us.

As awful as the scene unfolding was, the real pain was that a team that had brought so much joy was going home empty-handed. This team played the game differently. When they had the secondary break running, it was, honest to God, like watching ballet.

Why were they so special? Fit.  

They had solid players at every position. They knew how to play the game together. Today’s basketball game is evolving into a new style of play. And, as a fan of the game, you see so many Blue Blood programs struggling—whether it is the 2020 Kentucky Wildcats or even the 2020 Kansas Jayhawks. Ratings for the season were down even as the quality of the players improved. Why? Because, frankly, none of the pieces fit together. It is hard to watch even when they win.

Do your pieces fit at work today? 

You can have a group of talented people, but do they work together inside their department or across the whole? As an agency, we have begun to use Predictive Index to gauge personality, motivations, and needs. My blog is not specifically a pitch for their services. What I am pitching is that you approach your organization’s “fit” with intention.

There are a ton of different consultants and suggestions for; how to create culture and fit. Below are just a few that we have adopted to make MBB a special place.

  • Family Feel – We are intentional about engaging with spouses, significant others, and even children and pets. We ask employees to give a lot, and it is important that not only do they have an affinity to the agency but their family does as well.
  • Humor – We allow people to be themselves and encourage our employees to not take themselves too seriously. We’re not saving lives here. That said, we laugh often.
  • Feedback – We regularly poll the team and ask them what we are doing well and what we are falling short on.
  • Flexibility – We hire people we trust, create a culture of accountability and let folks work within that. Many good people will be lost if you are rigid in your approach.

These are ideas. Some may fit for you; others may not. That is the trick with culture. At its heart, it has to be authentic. Continue to be open to those things that can make your organization special.

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