Expanding Service Lines with Content Strategy: MHKC

AdventHealth needed to stand out in a crowded marketplace. In order to do so, they needed to give patients something no other hospital system was offering: an easier way to find doctors and schedule appointments.

Finding the right doctor can be a challenge. AdventHealth partnered with MBB and other collaborators to launch an online health and wellness platform featuring a doctor-matching tool—

But in order for AdventHealth to be considered the go-to health and wellness resource for the Kansas City community, they needed more than a doctor-matching tool. They needed a content strategy to draw more visitors to the site and engage them on an ongoing basis.

With the right content, attracted new patients and built loyalty with existing patients. MBB focused primarily on women, 25-54, in two major demographic groups: those with children in the house and young professionals. Based on the healthcare propensities of these audiences, we developed content to satisfy their need for preventive, at-home care information and used this content as a gateway to educate them about AdventHealth’s service line offerings.

MBB planned and created content to support in three ways:

  1. Choosing topics that align with Shawnee Mission Health’s mind-body approach to healing
  2. Giving patients more access to doctors through doctor-authored blogs
  3. Growing patient loyalty through downloadable “guide” content that makes patients feel like they’re getting something valuable

The blogs and resource content continue to provide patients with access to Shawnee Mission Health’s physicians and add new meaning to the system’s promise to be close when it matters most.

But did it work? You be the judge: Over 1,700 new and existing patients completed the survey on, found the PCP that was right for them, and scheduled an appointment, which has resulted in over $7.4M in payments in just 22 months.

We would like to thank our project collaborators: c2b Solutions, LionShare Marketing, Parris Communciations, Canister Studio, The Collaboration, Walz Tetrick Advertising, and of course, AdventHealth.

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