Don’t look for our ad during the big game

Because we didn’t make one. It wasn’t on our radar. At all. And the fact that as a writer, and, now ECD, I’m officially 0 for 18 in being involved in one? That’s ok with me, too. I’ve seen a lot of people #HumbleBrag on LinkedIn about the big game spot they were a part of. That has to feel like a huge accomplishment. And I’m excited for everyone who got to be a part of it.

The more I thought about it though, I wanted to spend this time not sharing our spot, but celebrating what MBB has accomplished while big game concepts were being ideated, tested, shot and, often times, reshot with budgets I can’t really imagine.

Since the start of 2021, we’ve made some great strides alongside many of our clients. None of them involved a cameo from Post Malone, but they were distinct none the less. We partnered with a health system to reimagine the way it’s positioning itself within the community. We brought messaging clarity and a distinct brand look and feel to a winery in the Meramec Highlands. We worked with a financial institution to align its brand with its mission to digitize its experience and think beyond the branch. And, finally, we created affinity for a birth center with an influencer campaign that connected moms across the city.  

While these endeavors will not be measured by the USA Today Ad Meter or lauded by Adweek, I think the point here is simple. Celebrating our work matters. Clients come in all sizes and budget levels. What seems like a big marketing spend for one client will simply be the stock photography budget for another.

It’s important to rally around challenger brands, start-ups and clients who are just now starting to dip their toes in the marketing waters. Far too often their successes aren’t celebrated with a #HumbleBrag. In the spirit of that, I’ve started and will continue to share more of their work. While their big game spot might come one day, first I’ll take pride (and I hope they will, too) in working on building their brand and getting them in a better spot to succeed this year than they were last. Now, where’s the queso? The big game is almost here.   

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