Does Your Website Need a Blog? Maybe Not.

If you’ve ever felt pressure to maintain a blog on your website for the sake of SEO, you’re not alone. There was a time when publishing weekly blog content could successfully push your website to the top of search results. But these days, it’s more about quality. And you don’t have to have a blog to publish SEO-worthy content on your website.

As MBB’s content strategist, part of my job involves evaluating website content and making recommendations for how that content can be improved for both SEO and the consumer. The blog is one area where I’ve noticed many businesses struggle. I often see blogs treated as something that begrudgingly has to be kept up with, where posts keep coming long after the brand has run out of things to say.

Hint: If you’re running out of things to say, you might not need a blog.

I once evaluated a website that had dozens of blog posts on the same handful of topics. The brand had some relevant advice to give its consumers, but they were rewriting the same ten or twelve articles over and over without saying anything new. This told me that what they really needed was a resource section where a handful of select articles could live.

Go ahead and shake off the content pressure.

Yes, content is important, but only if it’s actually useful. I believe that every brand has something of value to say through content—and it doesn’t have to take the form of a blog. The key is to figure out what your audience wants to learn from you. If it’s a few tutorials on how to use a product, that’s great. Or maybe it’s tips for how to do something better/faster.

There’s no need to overburden yourself with the pressure of generating new content topics weekly or even monthly. Think of resource content as evergreen – meaning it should be relevant year-round. This type of content is a great investment that should continue to pay dividends for years to come. While you should update evergreen content if information becomes outdated, you shouldn’t need to start over and rewrite the same piece in a slightly different way.

A blog might not be the right fit for your website—and that’s okay. The content team at MBB can help you figure out what kind of content is going to bring the most value to your business. When you’re ready to get started, let’s talk.

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