Here Comes Shanta Claus

This year’s annual MBB Kids’ Christmas party was a special one. We’ve got a lot of fresh faces in the kids’ crew, including 6-month old Ben, 3-month-old Olivia, and 2-month-old Susie. If you’re not familiar with the event, our own Shan Neely dresses up as Santa Claus (or Shanta, as we like to call him) and hands out gifts to our littlest MBBers. It’s a great chance for the families in the office to get together for a kid-friendly event before our infamous adults-only holiday pub crawl.

Lars was the first kid to brave Shanta’s lap this year, and as you can tell, he was a bit skeptical. Compared to last year, though, Lars and Shanta have made a lot of progress, and by the end of the party, Lars was all about Shanta.

Lars with Shanta last year compared with this year

There were lots of laughs and only a few tears—after all, a bearded man in a red suit is a pretty scary sight until you learn the guy’s just here to give you presents. Baby Susie thought Shanta’s lap was pretty cozy and decided to take a nap. It was a fun afternoon at MBB and continues to be one of our favorite ways to kick off the holiday season together.

Baby Olivia and Shanta

Baby Susie and Shanta

Baby Ben and Shanta

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