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Not just advertising, but inspiration

It’s estimated that by age 30 you will have seen over two million commercials…two million different ads encouraging you to buy—and believe in—brands. Advertising is a billion-dollar industry, and success is often measured in terms of ROI.

At MBB, we of course believe in the power of advertising (we are, after all, an ad agency). We also believe that great advertising not only leads to product purchase but also has the ability to create action. Often that action is the ultimate goal of the work we create, whether it’s action that starts a movement, encourages change, or evokes emotions like desire, fear, or endearment.

We recently executed a campaign where success was not measured in ROI, but in possibility. The goal wasn’t to drive sales, but to encourage generosity.

About Ronald McDonald House Charities of Kansas City

You’re likely familiar with Ronald McDonald House Charities, a national nonprofit that works to keep sick children close to their families and the care they need. In Kansas City, they provide comfort and care to over 7,000 families a year—and make a world of difference to children battling an illness or recovering from a serious injury. They do all this by providing a welcome home.

The work of Ronald McDonald House Charities of Kansas City (RMHC-KC) is enabled by the generosity of those who support all they do—through volunteering their time and donating dollars. On an annual basis, they gather these individuals for the Red Shoe Shindig fundraising event.

The Red Shoe Shindig – Highlights

MBB partnered with RMHC-KC to develop the overarching concept for the event along with all the materials to support an evening of inspiring possibility and generosity—from the invitation to video content and signage.

The concept focused on the idea that a stay at RMHC-KC is a moment in time—and hopefully what will be remembered are the simple moments of just being together, of kids being kids.

The photo treatment was reminiscent of an old home video. And while we highlighted actual families who had benefited from the big work of RMHC-KC, the messaging focused on the ones who make the work possible—donors and volunteers.

RMHC-KC creates a welcome home built on a foundation of generosity. And it was a year of big generosity. The Red Shoe Shindig raised more than $600,000—a record-breaking year for the organization.

Learn more about Ronald McDonald Charities of Kansas City and how you can make a welcome home possible. Interested in creating a world of possibility for a nonprofit in the Kansas City area? Shoot us a note.

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