Academic Health Graduates To The Next Level

As the ever-evolving world of healthcare continues to shift its focus towards population health, Academic Medicine will continue its rise to prominence. Academic Medical Centers (AMCs) bear the responsibility of training the next generation of physicians and care providers, and in the current day and age, that means going beyond the treatment of patients and instead, learning how to keep communities well.

CHI Health, a regional health network based out of Omaha and spanning across Nebraska and Southwest Iowa, is a part of Catholic Health Initiatives (CHI), a national nonprofit health system based in Englewood, Colorado. In 2017, CHI Health introduced a new AMC through a partnership with Creighton University at their Bergan Mercy location in Omaha. CHI Health came to MBB to find a way to not only introduce the new building, but to also educate the community on what it means to be part of an Academic Health System.

The goal of the CHI Health Academic Medical Center is to bring teams of experts and learners to each case every day. Students and residents will work side by side with experienced, board-certified physicians to bring more minds to every case and provide patients with the highest possible level of care. This also translates to the research done in the Academic Health System, because each patient is an opportunity to learn and make new discoveries. While the system is equipped with state-of-the-art technology, the students and researchers are also actively involved in developing healthcare innovations to transform the future of care. Each generation of physicians and practitioners will continue to pass their knowledge on to the next, all in the name of building healthier communities.

Through the use of a multichannel campaign, MBB introduced the market to the partnership that CHI Health has with Creighton University and brought to light the way the Academic Health System can transform the health of its communities. It was important to us to drill down the complex message to something digestible that the average consumer could understand and be moved by. We landed on “The future of care is here.” This line speaks both to the partnership’s manifested philosophy, as well as the brand new physical structure that is known as CHI Health Creighton University Medical Center Bergan Mercy (say that three times real fast).

The campaign’s visuals showcased the AMC’s modern amenities, as well as the research and teaching going on within its walls and within the communities it serves. In executions where we had more space for messaging, we educated the consumers on the advantages of Academic Medicine and the impact it has on patients and their families.

The entire goal of this campaign was to formally introduce this Academic Health System to the region and inform consumers why they should seek out the advantages this partnership provides. And while it’s not unusual to see healthcare marketers tailor their advertising to appease the C-Suite or the head of a service line, CHI Health doesn’t fall into that common trope. They understand the importance of communicating to consumers on their terms and in their language, because that’s whom they care for on a daily basis. And now, CHI Health has a Academic Medicine foundation firmly in place to enhance its standing as the regional leader in population health management.

The future of care is here. And there’s no time like the present to get the message out.

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