2022 Media Predictions

As we turn the page on the current year, predictions of what the new year will bring are always in the news. The experts share trends in fashion, food, travel destinations, shopping behaviors and on and on and on. MBB’s Consumer Engagement team has some predictions of our own as it relates to our corner of the world.

Change is Here to Stay

If the last 18 months taught us anything, it’s that we can change and adapt. And on a dime. Technology accelerated, behaviors changed, and humans adjusted. Clients across the country pivoted and got comfortable being uncomfortable.

The shift in commerce is one of the biggest changes we experienced, and we’re not going back. Online grocery shopping grew significantly in a short period of time, but online commerce in general is taking shape on a variety of platforms. Shoppable content within social media platforms, connected marketplaces, connected TV, gaming platforms and the integration of AI technology for product recommendations will continue to grow in 2022. If you’re in CPG or Retail, hop on board or be left behind.

The Resurgence of Pinterest

People spent a lot of time at home in 2020 and, frankly, even 2021. This gave them extra time to scroll through all of their social media platforms — including Pinterest. Interested in a new recipe? Pinterest. Looking for a new tip or trick? Pinterest. It is where all of the planners go to get their information. Putting together a party at the very last minute? Pinterest still has you covered.

The pandemic initiated a large push toward eCommerce. According to Social Media Today, Pinterest was likely the big winner there. The app was an alternative outlet for discovering new products, without leaving the comfort of your own home. But now what? Nearly every app now has eCommerce capabilities.

You can expect to see a lot of big changes from Pinterest in 2022 — the largest being new video display formats aka Stories and AR. Imagine finding a product you love on Pinterest and then being able to see what it will look like in your own space. While other social media platforms are under scrutiny, Pinterest is gaining ground.

Social Video isn’t Just for Content Creators

With the rise of TikTok and Instagram Reels over the past two years, content creators have made huge shifts in the way they communicate with their audiences. It’s time for brands to join them.

This format gives brands a little more runway — up to 60 seconds — to educate, tell their story, and engage users, and it doesn’t have to be a Cannes Lions-quality production. Users across platforms continue to be hungry for valuable content. We expect to see continued creativity through these formats from brands and content creators alike.

Metaverse is Mainstream

Ask most parents about Roblox and you might get one of two responses — an eye roll because our kids spend all their free time playing and creating, or praise because Roblox kept our children company and connected them to friends virtually during a national lockdown. Regardless of your take, gaming platforms are mainstream media now. They offer so much more than entertainment. They offer consumers and brands opportunities for creativity, comradery, integration, awareness and commerce, and a connection between the real and virtual worlds. Expect brands to find more and more ways to integrate into the metaverse in the next year.

Stop Interrupting. Start Inspiring.

In a study performed by Hootsuite, 51.4% of surveyed marketers plan to increase their paid social spend in 2022. In order to gain positive key performance indicators, it’s necessary to be creative. While tried-and-true channels such and Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn remain effective, it’s nearly impossible to talk to Gen-Z without mentioning TikTok, Pinterest, and Snapchat. In terms of perceived effectiveness, TikTok alone gained a 700% increase.

These platforms call out advertisers for creating stale, unappealing ads. TikTok encourages advertisers, “Don’t make ads. Make TikToks.” Pinterest calls for action with “Stop interrupting. Start inspiring.” And Snapchat encourages, “Become a part of Snapchatter’s everyday conversation.”

Consumers are more receptive to advertising that isn’t quite so shiny with major production dollars behind it. As we’re looking to 2022, we’re working with brands to create content that’s out of the box and has organic elements tied throughout. More than ever, it’s key to invest in understanding the audience’s mindset and how they interact within each platform.


It’s nearly impossible to scroll social media without seeing a post from a content creator promoting the newest at-home food delivery kit or the latest in teeth whitening technology. While the power of influencer marketing is nothing new, the impact of micro-influencers on consumers is only set to rise as 2022 rolls out. What is a micro-influencer? Good question! These content creators typically have anywhere from 5,000 and 60,000 followers on social media. Despite a smaller follower count, their audience is 82% more likely to follow a recommendation due to their authentic voice. According to Instagram, 1 in 4 users between the age of 13-24 agree that micro-influencers with loyal and highly engaged audiences are most important when creating new trends. In 2022, look to expand your brand awareness and stretch your budget further with brand ambassadors and those content creators with a smaller but loyal audience.

Empowering Consumer Control

You would have to be living under a rock to not be witnessing the shift in control over privacy and data. Our industry of late has been built on the back of data, but now that is balanced with consent and compliance. The death of the cookie is coming in 2023 and is forcing marketers to adjust their ways leading up to that time. While we can shift our tactics and targeting techniques as a work-around, one benefit of these shifts is that it’s really forcing us to keep consumers at the center of everything we do. Consumers have the control. How can we build more than a superficial relationship and start connecting on a deeper, more direct level? This is something we plan to tackle moving into 2022.

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