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St. Francis Health: What it Feels Like Campaign

When it came to their bariatric campaign, St. Francis Health’s challenge was threefold: they needed to drive new patient volume while educating consumers on who qualifies for the program and why they should choose St. Francis Health for their bariatric surgery.

The one thing our campaign didn’t need to do? Convince our audience they needed bariatric surgery. Consumer insights told us they were already well aware of how much their weight was disrupting their everyday life. We needed to understand how this felt in order to craft a message that would matter to them.

Our creative focused on everyday objects—things like airplane seats, chairs, stairs, turnstiles—that create anxiety, embarrassment, and even fear in people living with obesity. Our goal was to show our audience that we understand what they’re going through and let them know there’s hope.

St. Francis Health: Bariatrics Campaign

Part of our multi-channel campaign included driving conversions using Facebook posts to engage followers who are beginning to consider weight loss surgery. Our call to action was threefold: 

  1. Sign up for a free informational packet 
  2. Visit the Surgical Weight Loss landing page 
  3. Watch a patient’s story 

Typically, we try to entice engagement on platforms like Facebook with questions or conversation. However, given the highly sensitive and personal subject matter, we directed all CTAs to content residing on other digital properties.

Due to the long sales cycle of surgery and the limited amount of qualified candidates, it’s difficult to determine just how much patient volume the increased awareness drove—a challenge many healthcare marketers will be familiar with. Still, being out in the market with solid creative to drive awareness helped the St. Francis Health bariatric program remain top of mind for those considering bariatric surgery.

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