Tour de BBQ

Putting character into a charity bike ride

For their ninth annual event, Tour de BBQ wanted to create a brand identity that stood out amongst all of the other charity rides and races. Our solution was simple – we created a series of cows and pigs as our mascots. While we never landed on a consensus for the names, we’re pretty sure one of them is Lance Hamstrong.

Tour de BBQ Poster, cow on bike
Tour de BBQ Poster, Pig and cow on bike
Tour de BBQ sketches
Tour de BBQ Posters
Tour de BBQ Poster, This Little Piggy Loves to Pedal
pig sketches
pig sketches
Tour De BBQ poster, the only ride that requires wet naps.
Tour De BBQ Poster, Road Master - Prepare to meet pitmaster
tour de bbq brand sketches

Services Used: Creative & Design

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