Chinet® Comfort Cup®

Making Hot Cups Hot Again

How we saved Chinet® Comfort Cup® from extinction


With Walmart sales for Comfort Cup declining 30-40% year over year, Chinet was at risk of losing distribution. And with nearly half of all Comfort Cup sales coming from Walmart, losing that distribution would mean the product would no longer exist.

Here’s how we kept Comfort Cup on the shelves by maximizing digital traffic to Walmart.


In order to keep Comfort Cup on the shelf, Walmart was asking for an average of 8 unit sales per store, per week. That meant doubling the current unit velocity, a herculean ask. Thankfully, we love a good challenge.


We created a digital-led campaign designed to generate interest for Comfort Cup and drive users to purchase at Walmart. Creative focused on product benefits and key differentiators to move customers from competitor products to Chinet, using Walmart’s exclusive Comfort Cup design.

Digital Banner Targeting

Digital banners focused on stores with previous velocity potential and avoided stores with potential barriers marketing may not overcome. Additional layers included Walmart shoppers, Chinet shoppers, and disposable hot cup shoppers.

Paid Social

We utilized social media to promote product benefits and drive traffic to using the same targeting layers as our digital banners.


To maximize paid and organic traffic, MBB revamped the Chinet website to include Buy Now links driving traffic to Walmart.


Over 11.6M impressions led to a rise in velocity at 84% of targeted stores while media was in market. Unit velocity grew from 4 per store, per week to 8.1, not only keeping Comfort Cup on the shelf at Walmart, but also earning Huhtamaki (Chinet’s parent company) the 2017 Supplier of the Year Award.


11.6 Million

Led to a rise in velocity at 84% of targeted stores

2017 Supplier of the Year

Awarded to Chinet's parent company Huhtamaki

Unit Velocity Growth

4 per store to 8.1

Kept Comfort Cup® on the shelf at Walmart

Services Used: Creative & Design + Social Media + Content Marketing & Strategy

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