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Mariner Real Estate was founded in 2008. This national real estate investment firm manages and invests in real estate, equity and debt, and real estate-focused companies located throughout the U.S. After continued advancement and growth, the company needed to find new ways to differentiate themselves within the market.


Mariner Real Estate enlisted MBB+ to create a new name and identity. In a crowded category, the name needed to be something that would resonate with current and potential clients. The identity itself would have to do some heavy lifting as well. After all, it was the brand’s first impression.


MBB+ collaborated with Mariner Real Estate, and the name Platform Investments was born. The name itself allows the brand to tell a new story, and the accompanying identity we created was designed to stand out in the category. The Platform Investments identity is a reflection of the cornerstones of the company – it’s relationship-focused and unique.

Platform Logos

“In our industry, you need a differentiator. The identity MBB+ created for us provides just that.”

Terry Anderson, Co-President & Head of Operations

Services Used: Creative & Design + Brand Strategy

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