We’re No Longer Internless. Meet Intern Lyss.

Lyss Engel, MBB Agency's Newest Intern

By , Posted June 7, 2018

It’s that time of year again. Yearbooks are signed, school is out and pool time is on the horizon. When it comes to summer, interns are the reason for the season. Why not get to know ours?

So who are you, anyway?
Alyssa “Lyss” Engel, 20, majoring in Visual Communication at KU.

You said Lyss?
Yes, Lyss, which usually gets misinterpreted as “less,” “Liz,” or sometimes even “lice.”??

When did you start?
June 4th

What’s your walk-up song?
I Want to Break Free by the Queen or Ignition—Remix by R. Kelly

How are you liking MBB?
Everyone is super friendly, intelligent and talented!

Awww, shucks! What do you want to learn while you’re here?
I’m most excited to learn firsthand how an agency runs and how the different departments work together to serve their clients.

Any pets?
None of my own currently, but I am the proud godmother of a husky puppy named Amigo (we call him Migo, though).

Which Migos song is Migo’s favorite?
Whichever song sounds closest to howling.

What makes you… you.
My crazy, unrealistic theories that I’m always coming up with that are mostly based on The Truman Show.

Speaking of shows, what’s the last one you binged?
Brooklyn 99

Favorite moment?
This one.


If you were an emoji, which one would you be?

Describe yourself in three words.
Easy-going. Crafty. Responsible.


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