Sit. Speak! The 2nd Annual MBB Dog Blog

Step into the MBB/hippo office, and you’re liable to see at least a few tails wagging. Every dog has its day, and this summer we wanted to shine the spotlight on a few of our favorite four-legged friends.

Bailey and Twix, a lab mix and a terrier mix

Name and Breed: Bailey (Chihuahua/Cairn Terrier Mix), Twix (Lab Mix)
Age: 7
Human Companions: The Brown Family

Are you pedigree or pound pups?
Bailey: I was a pedigree pup from the Land of Paws.
Twix: And I was a Wayside Waifs pup. Don’t let Bailey fool you, though. She was marked down twice!

You two are quite the odd couple. What are you like at home?
Twix: We can definitely get into trouble. I’m always sweet and apologetic, but Bailey just stands there and looks cute.
Bailey: It normally works.

What are your favorite foods?
Bailey: Carrots.
Twix: Definitely carrots.

Harvey, a shih-tzu mix at MBB agency

Name and Breed: Harvey (Shih Tzu-ish)
Age: 6
Human Companion: Mary, hippo, Account Supervisor

“I’m gonna sit here, k?”

Pedigree or pound pup?
I sure look like a Shih Tzu, but I’m a Wayside Waifs pup, so there’s no way to know for certain. I’m not one for labels anyhow.

What makes you…you?
I may be a little guy, but I’ve got a big personality. You’re most likely to find me napping at mom’s desk (I’m a very good boy). Don’t let my eternal frown fool you. I’m not a grump; I just know what I want.

Do you do tricks?
I can sit, shake, roll over, and scare off cats like it’s nobody’s business.

What are your hobbies?
When I’m not protecting the house, I like to conserve my energy. I’m an expert at lying on top of the couch, napping, and making sure I get the majority of space in the bed. I’m a hard worker—I’ve earned it.

Maggie, a chocolate lab at MBB agency

Name and Breed: Maggie (Chocolate Lab)
Age: 6 1/2
Human Companion: Maureen, Marketing Manager

Pedigree or pound pup?
They say I am a purebred from a small farm in Western Illinois. I haven’t seen a farm since the day I left. I’d prefer to keep it that way.

Know any tricks?
Nope. I sit. I stay. The humans kind of gave up after that. #storyofmylife

What does the “special skills” section of your resume look like?
I have the uncanny (or, uncanine, I should say) ability to stay calm under extreme conditions.

Exhibit A: Little Human #1 playing doctor and pulling out my whiskers with tweezers.

Exhibit B: Little Human #2 riding me like a horse every night. Every single night.

I have reason to believe that Little Human #3 might be en route. That farm is sounding better by the day…

What’s your worst habit?
I get my daily exercise in every morning before the family wakes up by walking up and down the hardwood stairs. It’s good calf workout. It’s also a good reminder to the humans to trim my nails every once in awhile. Who sleeps past 5:30 am, anyway?


Ellie, a Chesapeake bay retriever at MBB agency

Name and Breed: Ellie (Chesapeake Bay Retriever)
Age: 5 years
Human Companion: Liana, Earned Media Coordinator

“What do you mean I’m not a lap dog?”

Pedigree or pound pup?
My ‘rents rescued me. I worried for a few months that they were going to pass me on to someone else. But now they seem to like me so much, I’m pretty sure I’m not going anywhere.

What are you best at?
I can sit, lie down and shake, always in that order. I don’t have the best memory (except for when it comes remembering breakfast and dinner time), but I always do my best to do what you want!

Any favorite foods?
I mean the stuff I get in my bowl everyday is pretty awesome. But every now and then when mom and I are hanging out in the kitchen, some random stuff appears on the floor. It’s like it just comes out of nowhere! That stuff is always good.

Do you have any bad habits? I don’t really like it when other dogs play with my toys. Just my Frisbee, really. I mean, when my humans throw it, it’s my job to bring it back to them. If some other dog’s in the way, I’m gonna let him know.

Rolly the English Bulldog at MBB Agency

Name and Breed: Rolly (English Bulldog)
Age: 1 year, 3 months
Human Companion: Bailey, Project Manager

Pedigree or pound pup?
Pedigree! I was the runt of the litter, but my parents don’t believe it.

How did you get to be named Rolly?
I’m named after the chubby puppy in 101 Dalmations that says, “Momma, I’m hungry.” Apparently my parents see a lot of similarities between us.

Any bad habits?
Chewing on any and all wood furniture & cardboard boxes. Mom and Dad have already had to replace 2 wood tables because I just can’t seem to quit.

What does the “special skills” section of your resume look like?
Sit, Shake, Licking my sister-cat, Gracie. Proficient in carrying sticks larger than my body. Silent but deadly farts (and blaming others for it.)

Cheeto the Corgi at MBB agency

Name and Breed: Cheeto (Corgi)
Age: 2 1/2
Human Companion: Amy, Designer

“Life is short, so are my legs.”

Pedigree or pound pup?
Pedigree, in fact, my biological mom herds sheep, and you can find my biological sister on Instagram (@kaceethecorgi)! #corgfam

Any siblings (furry or otherwise)? Nah, I’m the only child, and I run the place!

What’s your favorite food?
Carrots!!! I also love pancakes, but I’m only allowed to have those every now and then on the weekends. Gotta stay fit.

What do you like to do in your spare time?
I’m a full-time doggo Instagram Influencer (@cheeto_the_corgi) and part-time watchdog. I’m pretty good at barking at anything that moves—gotta keep the neighborhood safe! I’m also working on my nose balancing. I’m up to 8 carrots!


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