Meet Michael McCulloch

Michael McCulloch is a Kansas City native who recently moved back to the area from Columbia, MO. He and his wife are expecting their first human baby in September (they are already proud parents of a fur baby). When he isn’t in the office, you can find him running and hanging out with his dog.


Start Date:

Describe yourself in 3 words or less.

If you weren’t a Paid Media Manager, what would you be?
A Track and Field coach.

If you had to pick a walk up song, what would it be?
Elephant by Tame Impala

What is the last show you binge watched?
Game of Thrones

If you were an emoji, what emoji would you be?

Breakfast, lunch or dinner? Support your answer.
Breakfast. It is really the only acceptable thing to eat any time of the day. No lunch or dinner places are open for breakfast, but you can get Waffle House anytime of the day, 365 days year.

Best place in the world that you have visited and why?
Paris. It was a massive sprawling city, but almost every street and building is gorgeous. There are also a ridiculous amount of cafes.

What is your Kansas City hidden gem?
English Landing Park, Parkville, MO

Why MBB?
With a background of aggregating and reselling video ad inventory, I knew I wanted to work closer to the brands that drive revenue in the industry. Everyone I met (and have met) at the agency have been incredibly nice and seem to enjoy working here!

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