Meet Larry Fulcher

Larry is a 2016 graduate of the Kansas City Art Institute with a BFA in graphic design. For the last two and a half years, Larry has been a designer in Kansas City at Dimensional Innovations. He serves on the AIGA KC Board and is very involved in the Kansas City design community. He enjoys cars and Midcentury design, both of which seem to find a way into his work.

Lots of people usually end up calling me Larebear.

Start Date:
January 15, 2019.

Describe yourself in 3 words.
Tall. Quiet. Reliable.

If you weren’t an Art Director, what would you be?
Race car driver, for sure.

What is the last show you binge-watched?
Rupaul’s Drag Race.

What are you afraid of?
Snakes…why do we even need them?!

Breakfast, lunch or dinner? Support your answer.
Breakfast, all day every day. All the best foods fall in the breakfast category (Biscuits and Gravy, to be specific).

How do you take your coffee, and why?
No coffee for me. Never been a fan.

What is your Kansas City hidden gem (bar, restaurant, etc.)?
Awazé Ethiopian restaurant.

Why MBB?
The variety and quality of work is amazing. So far, the people seem pretty great, too.

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