MBB Agency Adds Three New Clients

It’s been a busy few months for MBB Agency. We announced the acquisition of Burly Studios, we acquired Blue Rivet, and we purchased a new building…all with the intent of improving our processes for current and new clients. Throughout all these exciting happenings, we’ve also expanded our partnership with three new companies: Mainstreet Credit Union, ImmediaDent and VeriShip. “Obviously winning new accounts is always fun,” Chief Operating Officer and Partner, Jim Brown, said. “It means the opportunity to grow the agency and to tackle a new problem or exploit a discovered opportunity.”


Mainstreet Credit Union

Recently, MBB has been engaged as the Agency of Record (AOR) for Mainstreet Credit Union. As the AOR, MBB will be developing and differentiating Mainstreet Credit Union’s brand. In addition, MBB will develop assets and a marketing strategy – from digital to video and social media – to tell the brand story to their key audiences.




Mainstreet Credit Union began in 1953 as a Credit Union specifically for Johnson County teachers. It has since expanded to “include anyone living, working, or paid by a company in Johnson County, KS”. Mainstreet Credit Union has 12 branches in Kansas City and over 60,000 members. The company’s mission is to be involved in the communities they serve and make them better places to live. In addition, Mainstreet Credit Union continues to provide support for education in a number of ways.



MBB will be partnering with VeriShip to develop brand recognition and business growth.  Through the partnership with MBB, VeriShip is looking to increase its brand awareness in the market, generate leads and develop a nurture strategy to fuel rapid growth of the organization. In order to do this, MBB will be developing VeriShip’s brand, messaging, creative assets and go-to-market strategy.




VeriShip was founded in 2006 by a parcel shipper tired of parcel carriers causing operational inefficiency and customer service pain. Their cloud-based parcel audit technology now helps companies recover dollars lost from unfulfilled shipping promises using parcel auditing and intelligence technology.



MBB will be partnering with ImmediaDent as the AOR for the company. MBB has made smaller engagements with ImmediaDent in the past, but now we are taking a bigger step in our partnership. “In this relationship, we were able to take a small assignment and turn it into agency of record,” Brown said. “It is really a great opportunity for us in a very compelling business situation.” ImmediaDent recognizes that many people do not have a dentist. For those who do not have a dentist, ImmediaDent provides professional dental care without the same level of commitment from the patient as a private dentist.

ImmediaDent does dentistry different by providing urgent dental care 7 days a week, 12 hours a day. They aim to provide the best and quickest dental care possible. They are headquartered in Leawood and maintain 33 practices in 3 states (Indiana, Ohio, and Kentucky).


With these three additions, MBB looks forward to the future and is excited to see what it has in store – for us, but more importantly, for our clients. “I tell people all the time that we are in the going-to-market business,” Brown said. “We don’t advertise or market – we help our clients find new ways to go to market, and in the process, grow their business.” Check out how we have done so for other clients here.

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