MBB Acquires Blue Rivet, an Interactive Build Agency

It is with great excitement that MBB announces that we have acquired Blue Rivet, an interactive build agency. This acquisition merges MBB’s strategic thinking and creativity with the forefront of tech and build capabilities.

Leaders Jim Brown, MBB Agency Partner and COO, and Steve Green, Blue Rivet founder and President, sit down to discuss the reason for the acquisition, how it will work and what it means for the future.

Tell us about your history working together.

Jim: Both personally and professionally, we have a great working relationship that goes back decades. There is a tremendous amount of personal and business trust between the businesses. That made the decision to proceed and the process itself pretty easy.

Steve: MBB has been a critical part of our story as one of the first client partners for Blue Rivet. That initial relationship has continued to strengthen over the years through a shared passion to push what is possible.

Tell us why this acquisition was so enticing.

Jim: For us the answer was pretty simple. When you can identify and align with top talent, you take that opportunity. We are in the people business. And, the team at Blue Rivet was well known not only for the quality of their work but also the way they delivered. There is a sensibility and approachability to them that you do not get with most “dev” shops. It also gave us the opportunity to bring in so much depth in a growing part of our business. It was a no-brainer.

Steve: We have spent five years building Blue Rivet into one of Kansas City’s premiere build agencies. While a merger was never really an end goal for us, it became clear as discussions with the MBB leadership team matured that both companies were a perfect compliment to each other. Blue Rivet could strengthen brand innovation offerings for MBB, and likewise, MBB could provide deeper strategy and creative support to better activate our technology offerings.

What does MBB/Blue Rivet bring to the table?

Steve: Blue Rivet has always believed that at it’s best, technology is about connection. By leveraging our experience, we provide MBB with some of the best technical talent that can push the boundaries of consumer engagement with brands. Using authentic digital interactions, marketers have new ways to build meaningful connections with our audiences.

Jim: I think the collective really puts our firm in a wonderful spot to take on much bigger assignments in the digital space. Together, we can amplify each other’s great work for clients. We both pride ourselves on being builders—builders of brands and builders of technology. There is an industrialness to both companies that we don’t ever want to lose.

What excites you most about the acquisition?

Steve: Blue Rivet has built a culture based on pushing the limits of what we think is possible. I honestly believe the expertise that MBB brings everyday will truly inspire us to build new and unexpected experiences for our clients.

Jim: While it sounds cliché, it just feels like more friends coming together to do cool sh*t.

Steve: We are now positioned to truly fulfill the promise to empower ideas in a way never possible before.

What does this mean for current and future clients?

Jim: The changes for the existing clients are probably not going to be too dramatic. In the past, we have worked very closely with Blue Rivet on development work. Now, there will be more integration in processes and more opportunity for different projects. For new clients and projects, we will be able to provide a broader scope of service.

Steve: Blue Rivet has always prided itself on our ability to deliver value for our clients. To that end, we have maintained one of the highest client retention rates of any build shop in the city. Now, our clients have a more robust service offering that can be seamlessly integrated into our overall value proposition.

What does the future of MBB/Blue Rivet look like?

Jim: Overall, the future is bright for the collective group. Blue Rivet comes on the heels of the strategic acquisition of Burly Studios. In both cases, the goal was to provide a shop that could handle more of our clients’ needs in an efficient matter. And with both, we brought on people that would fit well in to the culture. As we make the move in to our new space, I am very bullish about our future. From strategy to digital and design to video. We are very excited about what we have to offer.

Steve: We are now a single agency providing the most comprehensive offerings across a diverse client segment. We are excited to see what happens when strategy collides with technology. From augmented reality to personalized content systems, we are the trusted partner that will guide business innovations.

Look for more to come from MBB as the two agencies join forces. In the meantime, check out more about Blue Rivet or contact us to talk more.

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