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MBB Awarded Healthy KC Company Certification

By , Posted September 20, 2017

Ever feel like your job is killing you? Crazy enough, new research shows this might actually be true. If you’re sitting too much, that is.

But, we’re not letting that happen here at MBB Agency. For the sake of our people (and their creative power), we are committed to not letting minds and seats sit idle. Moreover, the Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce recently recognized us for these efforts. You can imagine our excitement when we found out we were named a Healthy KC Certified Company. That is, until we saw our award level: bronze. While we were happy to be recognized by the chamber, we’re a bit competitive at MBB. So, we’re making some changes to ensure we are named MVP next year.

Here’s a quick run down (See what I did there? We’re already moving more.) on what we’ve done to be named a Healthy KC Certified Company and a few of the changes we’ve recently made to be healthier in the future.

MBB has long offered employees standard healthcare benefits but the agency never believed that was enough, which is why it goes one (or two or three) steps further. The agency offers all of its employees discounted gym memberships, which is why you’ll often see our fit and fearless leader, Jim Brown, leading the parade of Orange Theory goers down the stairs and next door for their 12:00 PM class.

And, speaking of stairs, one of the many mantras our founder, John Muller, had was to “always take the stairs.” This isn’t just something we have written on our walls to encourage people to go one step further or work just a little harder — is something we literally live day in and day out when we walk into work and up two flights of stairs.

Additionally, we stay active when we are in the office. Whether it is yoga, standing meetings, taking a quick walk to Parisi for a coffee meeting or getting away from our desks at 4:00pm for happy hour, we make sure our minds, our bodies and our work don’t get lazy. And, if all of that wasn’t enough to keep our people moving, a rambunctious kid or canine running through the office is sure to do the trick. These little ones are always welcome here and keep our employees on their toes.

But, the agency recently realized that this wasn’t enough. In order to keep our employees content and kicking, we needed to do more. This led to taking a hard look at the company’s work perks and making a significant revision to the health benefits our people receive. What the agency recognized was that not all employees have the time (or interest) to belong to a gym. Now, in addition to covering a health club membership, the agency will reimburse employees for new workout shoes (you can workout in heels, right?), gym equipment, race entry fees, and health and wellness classes. These perks are designed to benefit everyone and encourage them to get up and move, in any way they choose. Whether it’s lacing up your new kicks for the Kansas City Marathon or just for a brisk walk over lunchtime, the agency supports every effort made to take a break from sitting and to stay active.

Watch out — MBB is on the move.

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