AAF-KC Bulletproof 2017

Bulletproof - Everyone has a story

By , Posted April 26, 2017

Most likely, Hemingway never said, “Write drunk, edit sober,” but that hasn’t stopped creatives the world over from following his advice with mixed success. This year’s Bulletproof asked creatives to tell stories of their greatest successes and most hilarious failures when trying out new (and questionably legal) sources of inspiration.

Bulletproof exists as an event for creatives to share their stories. Each speaker is given 20 slides of 20 seconds each—just over 6 and a half minutes—to get everything out. Some speakers opted to tell stories while others gave advice, performed spoken word pieces, or regaled the audience with hypotheticals. 

Creatives are spirited and can be irreverent but often have the best stories up their sleeves. This year’s Bulletproof teased those stories out of a handful of KC creatives over an evening of free booze and Taco Bell. Among the stories were a graphic designer’s ode to enablers in her life and a copywriter’s advice to fake it until you make it (but be sure to google slang terms first).

It may not be an event for everyone, but we had more than a few laughs (and burritos). We had a blast listening to the good, bad, and ugly stories of some of the city’s most talented.

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