A Tribute To The Moms of MBB

we got it from our mamas

By , Posted May 10, 2019

“All that I am or hope to be, I owe to my mother.”

While we would like to take credit for this, it was actually Abraham Lincoln who said it first. But, we couldn’t agree more. In honor of Mother’s Day, MBB is celebrating the MBB Moms who made us who were are.


Jim Brown and his mother, Pat

Mom’s gift: His confidence and sense of humor.

What did your mom instill in you as a kid?
I think she raised us to be responsible and conscientious. I hate letting things slip, and I’m always on the look out for how to help others. She is a fighter and is never intimidated by other people. Growing up, she would always stand up for herself and us. Frankly, it sort of scared that shit out of me when I was younger. She is very passionate about her beliefs and is a tenacious defender of those she loves. Spoiler alert – don’t get on her bad side!


Patti Rojas and her mother, Noreen

Mom’s gift: Her determination, work ethic and ability to fold a fitted sheet.

What do you love about Noreen?
In a few words, my mom is incredible, humble and kind. Even after being diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer, she continues to work and honestly looks forward to going back to work full time when her treatment allows. I knew my mom was incredible, but it has really shone through since her diagnosis, and I could not be prouder of how she has taken everything life has thrown her way in stride. My mom is humble to a fault, having kept her diagnosis from friends in fear of wanting to be a burden. She is so kind, thinking of others before herself and never wants to be the center of attention. All who meet her love her. I could not have prayed for a better mom or mentor in life, marriage and parenting. She is way more than her cancer, but it has magnified all of her amazing qualities. Love to my mom!


Christian Weld Brown and her mother, Marilyn

Mom’s gift: Her blonde hair. People often comment that I look like my mother, but it’s really just the hair.

Who is your mother, in a nutshell?
As my kids would say, “Mimi’s Wild!!” I love that free spirit in her, and sometimes I wish I had more of that. She’s the 11th out of 12 children. She’s an artist. She would give you the shirt off her back, probably her bra too, if you needed it. She’s a breast cancer survivor. She’s a survivor period. She’s everyone’s favorite aunt. She will let two Chippendale performers pick her up in Vegas for a picture. She doesn’t worry about what other people think.


Maureen and her mother, Susan

Mom’s gift: Anything and everything.

What do you mean by “anything and everything?”
I am my mother’s daughter, through and through. From her fighter’s heart to her sailor’s mouth and chicken legs – you name it, I got it from her. My mom has run 20 marathons, beat breast cancer, written a book, started a business, raised a family – there’s not much she can’t do. I am incredibly lucky to have her as an example of a strong, determined woman who can do whatever she puts her mind to. Her lessons were subtle—she led by example. It’s what I strive to do with my children. If there has ever been a goal I have achieved, it is because my mother showed me how.


Liana and her mother, Darlene

Mom’s gift:
Her desire to keep learning.

Tell us about your mom:
My mom instilled in me a desire to learn. From watching the news (constantly), reading anything she could get her hands on, and being the best listener I know, I always knew her to soak up all the information she could get her hands on. Now that I’m of an age where I’m focusing on growing in my career, that’s a trait of hers I strive to never lose.

Aside from encouraging me to never stop learning, my mom’s support for me has never waivered. No matter how often I changed my mind or how crazy my ideas were, she never discouraged me from going after what I really wanted.

Her ability to guide me, make me feel supported, teach me, discipline me, but also be my best friend is something I hope to be able to master as a mom some day. The older I get, the more I appreciate all that she did — and how she managed to do it with such grace.


Leslie and her mother, Diane

Mom’s gift: Trusting her gut.

So what else has your mom given you?
Oh boy, where do I even begin? As the only girl in my immediate family, my brothers often tease me by calling me Little Diane. In no particular order, she’s given me: perfectionist nature, attention to detail, persistence, compassion, curiosity and listening skills. I’ve definitely inherited her ability to hold a conversation with just about anyone and learn their life story in under 10 minutes.

I think a lot of things I’ve inherited from her really transcend my personal and professional lives. In all of her kids, she fostered the ability to lead with empathy and how to care for others. She taught me to never shy away from letting my opinion known, but doing so in a respectful manner. She also taught me the importance of hard work in all aspects of life and to always trust my gut feeling. My mom is a strong, hardworking, kind woman. She’s worked hard her entire life, and I’m so excited for her to enter this next chapter of her life.


Lindsay and her mother, Patricia

Mom’s gift: Her positive attitude.

Tell us about your mom.
My mom is the best “people person” I have ever met! She is able to talk to anyone and is always so kind. She is always laughing and always positive!

She is very smart, and she has a knack for figuring out almost anything that’s put in front of her. She loves to problem solve!

She is kind and can make anyone laugh! She is insanely determined, and I am amazed at all the things she fits into her schedule– from being a grandma of three, biking group, fitness classes, cooking meals, professional groups, and so much more.


Emily and her mother, Audrey

Mom’s gift: Her love for baking and hosting.

What kind of hostess is your mom?
She’s always gone above and beyond to make get-togethers super special. Way before Pinterest was even a thing, she found the craftiest things to do with us as kids. There was one Christmas where we made little penguins out of olives and cream cheese. Even now that I’m an adult, she makes things extra special — last year for Easter she made me bath bombs using Easter eggs as a mold. She’s just so thoughtful and kind, always.

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